Sphere | Hemisphere | Properties of Sphere

What is Sphere?

A sphere is a geometrical three dimension round object. Sphere is a 3-dimensional circle. Every point on the surface is the same distance from the center. Here, you will learn Sphere | Hemisphere | Properties of Sphere.

A sphere is a solid contained by one curved surface which is such that all the points on it are equidistance from a fixed point within it. A fixed point known as centre. Any line drawn from the centre to the surface is known as a radius.

Surface Area of Sphere

The surface area of a sphere is the total area of the surface of a sphere

Surface Area = 4 x π × radius2

Area of Rectangle = 4πr2 square units.

Surface Area of a Sphere by diameter
d = 2r units
Area = 4π(d2)2
=π x d2
Surface Area = π(d2)2

“d” is the diameter
“r” is the radius

Volume of a Sphere

The amount of space occupied by the object three-dimensional object called a sphere is known as the volume of the sphere.

Volume = 43 x π × radius3

Equation of a Sphere

In analytical geometry, the sphere with radius “r”, the locus of all the points (x, y, z) and centre (x0, y0, z0), then the equation of a sphere is given as

(x -x0)2 + (y – y0)2 + (z-z0)2 = r2

Properties of Sphere

• The opposite sides of a rectangle are parallel.
• A sphere is perfectly symmetrical
• It is not a polyhedron
• All points on the surface are the same distance “r” from the center
• It has no side or corner
• It has constant mean curvature
• It has a constant width and circumference.


A hemisphere is half of a sphere. A plane through the centre of a sphere divides the sphere into two qual part. Each part is known as hemisphere .


Volume = 23 x π × radius3

Curved surface Area= 2 x π × radius3

Total surface Area= 3 x π × radius3

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