Introduction to Sets

What is Set

In simple words, set is the collection of things belongs to a common property.


Our hands are the one common thing but the four different finger makes the set of a hand. When different thing puts together and named as one its known as Set.

Symbols of set

Universal set

Universal set is the set which contains everything, everything means the values relevant to your question.

Note: – If we are talking regarding sets then we use the capital letter to refer s set. A lowercase letter is used to indicate in the element in a set.

Equality of Sets

Equality in the set is known as the same element in all Sets.



In simple words, A subset is known as the part of any set.
For example: –

Proper subsets

A proper subset of a set is which has at least one uncommon element from its first set.

Empty or Null set

A set which does not contain any set is known as Empty or Null set.

I hope, This article will help you to understand the Sets & different types of sets. If you have any question related to this article, you can post it into the comment section. You will get a reply shortly.

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