CTET 2019 is scheduled for July 7, 2019 through offline mode (pen and paper-based test). The exam will be conducted in two stages i.e. Primary stage (Classes I to V) and secondary stage (classes VI to VIII). Mathematics will play a important role in this exam in making good score. As we know, maths is a scoring subject. It is slightly considered to be difficult as compared to the rest of the sections.
Although, mathematics is a common subject in both CTET Paper I and Paper II. In Paper l mathematics is compulsory subject for all candidate but in Paper II Mathematics is only for those who have chosen maths as their MOT(Method of Teaching). Maths Section has 30 marks out of 150 marks in both Paper I and Paper II (only for those who have chosen maths as their MOT)

Most topics and concepts in CTET syllabus are covered from NCERT taught up to class VIII. The full detail of CTET syllabus is given below-


1. Number System
     a. Knowing our Numbers
     b. Playing with numbers
     c. Whole Numbers
     d. Negative Numbers and Integers
     e. Fractions

2. Algebra
    a. Introduction to algebra
    b. Ratio & Proportion

3. Geometry:

     a. Basic geometrical ideas (2-D)
     b. Understanding elementary shapes (2-D & 3-D)
     c. Symmetry ( Reflection)
     d. Construction

4. Mensuration (Sphere, Cylinder, Cone)
5. Data handling
6. HCF & LCM
7. Factorization
8. Fraction
9. Question-Related to Algebraic Equation
10. Triangles
11. Circle
12. Rectangle/Square
13. Arithmetic
14.Time & Work
15. Time & Distance
16. Profit & Loss
17. Simple & Compound Interest

Pedagogical Issues related question:-

1. Nature of Mathematics/ logical thinking
2. Place of mathematics in curriculum
3. Language of Mathematics
4. Community Mathematics
5. Evaluation
6. Remedial teaching
7. Problem of teaching

Here are some useful tips related to the maths preparation CTET which you should follow for scoring good marks in mathematics.

Here are some of the important topics which you should cover for scoring good marks in CTET July 2019 examination listed below:

Learning method.
Time & Work.
Simple Interest & Compound interest.
Ration & Proportion.

As we know, preparing mathematics becomes very difficult for some students who don’t like mathematics but a well planned strategy will help you to score good marks. students who don’t like mathematics should focus for the pedagogical issues so that they cover most of the marks from it. some preparation tips is listed below.

1. Revise NCERT
2. Solve Previous year Question Paper
3. Prepare Pedagogy section well

I hope this article will help you to understand how to prepare maths CTET 2019.
Thank you.

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