Introduction of Circle | Area | Circumference

What is circle?

Introduction of Circle & Area & Circumference | CIRCLE is a closed shape figure which has some constant distance from the from any fixed point, which is known as the Centre of Circle. The distance between center to any point of a circumference of a circle is known as Radius and the twice of the radius is known as the diameter of that circle. Circumference of a circle is known as the distance around the circle. Here, you will know detailed knowledge of Area & Circumference of circle.

What is pie (π)?

Pie is the number you get when you divide the circumference by the diameter. The value of pie we will get it will be 3.141592654.

Circumference Of Circle

Circumference is the distance around the circle.

Circumference = 2πr or 2d

“r” is the radius of a circle.
“d” is the diameter of a circle.

Example: Find the circumference whose radius is 4 c.m
r = 4 c.m
Circumference = 2πr
= 2 x 3.14 x 4
Circumference is 25.12 c.m

Area of Circle

Area = πr2

Area of a circle by diameter
Area = πr2
=π x (d2)2
Area = πd24

Example: –

Find the Area of Circles which has radius 2 cm, 10 m, 23 mm and 78 cm.

Find the area of a circle with the help of diameter.


Tangent is the line which touches the outer part of the circle.


A line which cuts the circle from their opposite point known as Secant.


The chord is the line, whose points lie on the circumference of a circle.

We can understand chord, secant, tangent, diameter & radius, all in one frame just by seeing the image given below

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